68 años formando ciudadanos del Mundo

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It has been more than half a century when three ladies shared a dream and made it come true with their effort and dedication. It was year 1953, and the three ladies, Mrs. Isabel Rodrigo de Salazar, Mrs. Rosa María Castillo and Mrs. Blanca Figari de Maffey, followed the procedure to obtain a house in El Olivar Forest in San Isidro, to be precise in 150 República Avenue, where on 1 April, that year, would have become the starting point and opening of “Mater Purissima School”, only for the Nursery Level, with about 20 to 25 students, by that time. At the beginning, there were only two teachers: Miss Blanca Figari and Miss Alicia Larco, but gradually, the number of students started increasing and thanks to the management of the school parents, they finally incorporated students up to 5th. Grade Primary.

Since the beginning, Mater Purissima School was distinguished by its deep religious devotion, in spite of being a secular school. It happens to be that in 1955, the founding students received their First Communion. The number of students continued increasing and allowed the parents the purchase of new school premises in Aviación Avenue in Miraflores in 1959. This place suffered an expansion by acquiring neighbouring terrains until present aspect of the school.

On 7 March, 1972, ASOCIACIÓN PROMOCIÓN CATÓLICA was founded, giving birth to the feature of ASSOCIATIVE school, kept until now. Administrative management of the school is set under the conduction of school parents, assigning the pedagogical management to the Academic Direction, by that time, led by Mrs. María Luisa Rodríguez de Tealdo (Headmistress), Mrs. María Rodrigo Whilar (Nursery Level) and Mother Irma Chichizola (Studies Department Head Teacher). Afterwards, in 1978, Mrs. Blanca Figari de Maffey, was named English Department Head.

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