Promoting Organization - Asociación Promoción Católica

APC 2021 / 2023

We are convinced that the best way to ensure our students’ happiness is by providing them the chance of emotional learning and knowledge challenge, with the support of parents who show commitment and guidance from motivated teachers.

Through this year , we have performed an analysis of the school’s situation to start a reengineering process in both the pedagogical and administrative department. In order to optimize resources and improve processes, we have made decisions in order to be able to work as a team in a better way, responding to the needs of the three educational levels and keeping parents reported continuously at the right time.

We truly believe in motivation and training of teachers as a route to improvement of the learning processes. Therefore we have invested resources in continuous training and permanent monitoring of our teachers, as well as analysis of learning processes to set improvement plans.

We trust that, through responsible and strategic planning, we will achieve even more, using our resources intelligently, in order to benefit our children and our educational family.

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