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Academic Prosposal

Our academic proposal is based on the humanist model in which we pretend to rediscover the essence of human beings, immerse in the change and adaptation we face as a society.

We assume the challenge of incorporating as usual practice, continuous improvement to innovate, reflect and take the chance and challenge that let us educate our students in order to be competitive and capable enough to contribute positively to their world in XXIst. century.

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Educational Levels



At Nursery Level, we promote a personalized education using the Optimist Project Method, a methodology that provides an organized stimulation, which uses sensory, motor, and intellectual stimuli in a ludic environment. Each child is unique and unrepeatable, therefore, we seek to discover their individuality by providing constant support to parents in order to achieve the objectives set and taking into account individual differences and different learning rhythms.

At this level, activities are based on games, as through them, children learn, discover, have fun and at the same time, they develop skills that will be the basis of their future learning. Thereby, the integral development of the child is sought, stimulating language, basic perception and memory skills, as well as fine and gross motor exercises.

One of the pillars in development is “Crecemos en Valores” ​​programme, in which habits are practiced and later on consolidated in virtues, and thus, build values in a didactic and motivating way, as a basis for the formation of the students’ personality.

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Mariana Fe Callalli Hinostroza - Kinder B

Level Primary

Level Primary

At Primary level, personalized education is encouraged having the child as its axis in all their dimensions and seeking to have an integral formation, in which they develop their intellectual, physical, affective, spiritual, artistic and emotional capacities to the top.

In this level, reading and writing are formally learnt by developing communicative competences reaching complexity through the different grades. Besides that skills for logical reasoning and calculation, by applying Singapur Method, which consists of introducing concepts through progression of the CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, abstract).

It is also sought that students develop a personality that enables them to conduct themselves with fulfillment and effectiveness in their social environment, promoting reflection, self-evaluation, assertiveness, responsibility, respect ,and solidarity. In addition, children put on practice inquiry, investigation and experimentation directly, starting from problematic situations in their daily lives, using the basis of the scientific method by developing learning projects.

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Alejandro Renato Vivar Muñoz - 5to “A”

Level Secondary

Level Secondary

In Secondary level, we encourage a personalized education by means of tutoring accompaniment in alliance with parents. For this purpose, it is considered the individuality of the students and it encourages the development of each of them in all their dimensions.

In this level, diverse competences are consolidated so that this will allow students to reach certain learning standards in subjects like for example Language Arts, Social Science, Science, Personal Development, Citizenship, Physical Education, Information Technology, Religion, Maths, Art and English as a second language.

These learning processes are strengthened by putting on practice autonomous work through an intercurricular working methodology that supports integral development of students valuing and respecting their social, cultural and natural environment.

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Rafaela Araujo Encinas - V año “C”

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